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Whitefox Recruitment & Xref Setting New Standards in Reference Checks

At Whitefox Recruitment, we have always believed in staying ahead of the curve to offer exceptional services to our clients and a seamless experience for our candidates. Today, we’re excited to announce a significant step in that direction. We are partnering with Xref, a global leader in HR and recruitment technology, to handle all our background and reference checks moving forward.

A Glimpse into Xref: Pioneering the Future of Reference Checks

For those unfamiliar with Xref, let us provide a brief introduction. Xref has been at the forefront of advocating for the HR and recruitment industry to shift from traditional phone-based checks. This paradigm shift aims to minimise the time-to-hire and ensure that compliance is maintained throughout the hiring process. As the recruitment world navigates through remote working and as the online economy burgeons, the importance of building trust and streamlining processes has never been clearer. Xref’s next-generation platform caters to these evolving demands, offering solutions that encompass all stages of the talent journey. Their commitment is clear: to empower organisations to make people-centric decisions with ease.

The company’s tagline sums it up well: “Xref empowers organisations with people-focused feedback to make great decisions.”

Why Xref Makes a Difference:

  •  For Employers and Recruiters:

Reference checks with Xref are a breeze. It takes merely 30 seconds to send a request, and on average, responses are received within 24 hours. The tedious days of continuous phone calls, playing phone tag, and slogging through admin tasks are over. With Xref, Whitefox Recruitment can streamline its reference checking process, making it faster and more efficient.

  • For Candidates:

Xref ensures that the candidates are kept in the loop. Once a recruiter shares a link, the candidate simply needs to click on it, fill in their referees’ details, and that’s it! Gone are the days when the reference checking stage felt like stepping into an abyss of uncertainty. With Xref’s platform, candidates are notified about each step’s progress, keeping them informed and engaged.

  • For Reference Providers:

Xref respects the time of those providing references. Now, they can complete the reference at a time that suits them best, be it during the day, at night, on weekends, or even while traveling. This flexibility is especially beneficial for international references or those done outside of standard working hours. Moreover, the platform is optimised for all devices, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Whitefox and Xref: A Partnership Built on Trust and Innovation

As Whitefox Recruitment embarks on this exciting partnership with Xref, we are not just integrating a tool; we’re aligning with a philosophy. A philosophy that prioritises people, efficiency, and innovation.

This collaboration will not only enhance our ability to find the right talent for our clients but will also further our commitment to making the recruitment process smooth and transparent for all parties involved.

We thank all our clients, candidates, and partners for their continued trust in Whitefox Recruitment. As we take this significant step with Xref, we promise to uphold our standards of excellence and continue delivering top-notch recruitment solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to the future of recruitment – smarter, faster, and people-centric!

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Danielle Garland