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Transforming recruitment across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Revealing a future that transcends the conventional agency paradigm.

In the realm of recruitment, one must navigate through a cacophony of voices vying for attention.

Regrettably, the majority of recruitment agencies appear indistinguishable from one another, despite their claims of uniqueness.

Among them, one finds the venerable institutions with a wealth of clients accrued over decades, alongside fledgling startups that levy exorbitant fees. Then there are those who earnestly strive to make ends meet.

Yet, allow us to introduce an alternative path. Envision an agency that stands apart from the cookie-cutter competition within the saturated market. Picture an agency that holds a truly remarkable proposition. Allow us to acquaint you with our story.

We embody a recruitment agency forged upon a community of authentic, kindred professionals united by a singular objective—to secure optimal outcomes for every client and candidate we encounter.

The inception of our company in 2019 by Luke Hemmings was nothing short of visionary—a quest to redefine the very essence of recruitment. This audacious goal has shaped our brand and propelled our achievements.

Today, Whitefox Recruitment has flourished into Australia’s foremost independent recruitment agency, earned through deliberate intent rather than mere happenstance. We proudly stand as a respected and innovative agency, catering to the Gold Coast and beyond, boasting unparalleled results.

In our office, a cadre of the industry’s most productive recruitment consultants awaits. Their passion, expertise, and rigorous training coalesce to deliver an unmatched recruitment experience, time after time.

Embrace the Whitefox distinction today and embark upon an extraordinary journey.

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Experience an efficient service that’s tailored to your needs.

We don’t just cast a broad net and hope for the best. From IT jargon to lawyer lingo, our consultants take the time to study your industry and its changing trends so we can fill your skills gaps effectively.

Our one-two punch approach means we attract quality talent and have leading companies depend on us for their hiring needs. Explore our specialisation service options below.

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We walk the walk. Then our clients and candidates talk the talk.

My experience with Whitefox Recruitment has been a very pleasant experience. Dani is always so welcoming and always goes out of her way for everyone she interacts with. Luke and his team at Whitefox Recruitment always go above and beyond for their Candidates. The service they provide is everything they say on their website. I have recommended them to everyone that needs a Recruitment Agency! Keep up the good work guys!
Blake - Candidate

Canberra, Australia

I have used Whitefox Recruitment for about 2 years. In my view the Whitefox Recruitment team are far better than any other recruitment practice that I have encountered. Luke is always very professional, and responsive with information and has made the whole recruitment process very easy to understand and follow. Always great advice and direction. Suzanne the firm’s Director is also fantastic and very responsive to any queries I have. Overall, Whitefox Recruitment is the best. It's a testament to the firm's culture that - without exception - they have all been focused on the best outcome possible and provided a level of service that has on occasions, been well beyond the expected.
Joseph - Candidate

Canberra, Australia

I had a recent experience with Whitefox Recruitment regarding a new job opportunity. All I can say is that I highly recommend them. Luke was great with the back-and-forth communication and the result was more than I hoped for. I have Whitefox Recruitment to thank for that.
Cris - Candidate

Ballina, Australia

I would like to thank Luke for his continued support and encouragement. He is a genuine, honest, caring person who has been a great source of knowledge, information, and direction. If you need a team that will listen to and work with your plans and dreams to help you get where you need to be Luke and his team will be there. Thanks for being there to help.
Sharon - Client

Morton Bay, Australia

I was a candidate looking for work and used Whitefox Recruitment when applying for a finance-based role. I just have to say it has been the most amazing employment experience I have ever had. Working with Luke and the team at Whitefox Recruitment has been amazing! After my successful placement within my role Luke and the team came by and checked up on me in my new role to make sure I was okay and settling in. I have dealt with a few recruitment companies over the years, and no one has provided the level of customer service and support to me as a candidate as what the team at Whitefox Recruitment has, they have worked hard to go the extra mile and achieve the best result for everyone. Whitefox Recruitment stands apart from the other agencies with all they do for the Candidate.
Matthew - Candidate

Canberra, Australia

I contacted Whitefox Recruitment for a role and within 24 hours they had gotten back to me arranging an interview. Luke was incredibly professional, easy to talk to and quick in arranging a second interview with the employer. He even went out of his way to ensure that I was settled into the position after I started. I could not recommend this company more if you are looking for a job!
Maddison - Candidate

Queanbeyan, Australia

The outstanding service and results Whitefox Recruitment delivered was so refreshing and professional. Great service, they have their finger on the pulse and are very good at communication whilst very professional at the same time. I had a very enjoyable experience. They answered all my questions and provided very valuable advice. The receptionist followed everything up and left no stone unturned. It was a very pleasant experience compared to the experiences I have had with other recruitment agencies in the area. I will be using Whitefox Recruitment for many years to come.
Parteek - Candidate

Canberra, Australia

After reaching out for HR advice, Luke, and the Whitefox Recruitment team couldn’t have been more helpful. Their HR advisory service pointed me in the right direction and kept my business heading in the right direction. The peace of mind they gave me knowing I had my i's dotted, and my t's crossed gave me the peace of mind I needed. Thanks again Luke and look forward to continuing the working relationship going forward.
Jake - Client

Melbourne, Australia


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