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Established as the definitive leader across the Gold Coast marketplace, recognised for it’s unparalleled client and candidate satisfaction.

In an industry teeming with voices clamouring for recognition, Whitefox Recruitment emerges as a beacon of distinction, steadfastly upholding the pinnacle of recruitment excellence on the Gold Coast and beyond.

Our firm is the embodiment of a singular vision: to stand out in a market saturated with uniformity, offering a unique proposition that resonates with a rich legacy of clientele and the vitality of fresh endeavours.

Amidst the clamour of indistinct agencies and their grandiose claims, Whitefox Recruitment offers a clear alternative. We are not just another player in the recruitment game; we are the architects of a new paradigm, conceived by Luke Hemmings in 2019.

His visionary approach to redefining the essence of recruitment has cemented our reputation as Australia’s premier independent recruitment agency, a status achieved by purposeful strategy over happenstance.

At Whitefox, we are a collective of authentic, dedicated professionals, each driven by a shared goal to deliver exceptional outcomes that exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates alike. Our commitment to quality, bolstered by specialist market knowledge, unparalleled service, and trustworthy advice, positions us as the trusted advisors in recruitment. Our campaigns captivate and our results speak volumes of our unwavering dedication to excellence.

As you step into our realm, you will find a team of the industry’s most dynamic consultants, whose passion, expertise, and meticulous training converge to provide an unrivalled recruitment journey, time and time again.

We invite you to discover the Whitefox difference and embark on an unparalleled journey in recruitment, where excellence is not an aspiration but a consistent reality.

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Experience an efficient service that’s tailored to your needs.

At Whitefox Recruitment, our strategy is meticulous and deliberate; we shun the indiscriminate scattergun method. With a profound understanding of everything from the complexities of IT jargon to the subtleties of legal vernacular, our experienced consultants thoroughly immerse themselves in the particularities of your industry, keeping pace with its changing dynamics. This empowers us to meet your talent needs with unerring precision.

What distinguishes us is our two-fold approach: we excel not only in attracting elite candidates but also in becoming the preferred recruitment partner for companies, both small and large. Explore the customised services we provide, designed to meet your specific recruitment requirements.

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We practice what we preach, letting others speak for themselves.

I had a wonderful experience with Luke and Danielle. Their communication was exceptional, they kept me informed every step of the way and were always available to answer my questions. Their professionalism and friendly approach made the entire job interview process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a supportive and efficient team to help secure a job.
Nyssa - Candidate

Gold Coast, Australia

Worked with Luke on the recruitment of one of our key team members and it was an outstanding experience. The industry knowledge Luke possesses is superb. A true testament to why his company is the top recruiting company on the GC.
Zeke - Client

Gold Coast, Australia

I had a recent experience with Whitefox Recruitment regarding a new job opportunity. All I can say is that I highly recommend them. Luke was great with the back-and-forth communication and the result was more than I hoped for. I have Whitefox Recruitment to thank for that.
Cris - Candidate

Ballina, Australia

I would like to thank Luke for his continued support and encouragement. He is a genuine, honest, caring person who has been a great source of knowledge, information, and direction. If you need a team that will listen to and work with your plans and dreams to help you get where you need to be Luke and his team will be there. Thanks for being there to help.
Sharon - Client

Morton Bay, Australia

I was a candidate looking for work and used Whitefox Recruitment when applying for a finance-based role. I just have to say it has been the most amazing employment experience I have ever had. Working with Luke and the team at Whitefox Recruitment has been amazing! After my successful placement within my role Luke and the team came by and checked up on me in my new role to make sure I was okay and settling in. I have dealt with a few recruitment companies over the years, and no one has provided the level of customer service and support to me as a candidate as what the team at Whitefox Recruitment has, they have worked hard to go the extra mile and achieve the best result for everyone. Whitefox Recruitment stands apart from the other agencies with all they do for the Candidate.
Matthew - Candidate

Canberra, Australia

I contacted Whitefox Recruitment for a role and within 24 hours they had gotten back to me arranging an interview. Luke was incredibly professional, easy to talk to and quick in arranging a second interview with the employer. He even went out of his way to ensure that I was settled into the position after I started. I could not recommend this company more if you are looking for a job!
Maddison - Candidate

Queanbeyan, Australia

The outstanding service and results Whitefox Recruitment delivered was so refreshing and professional. Great service, they have their finger on the pulse and are very good at communication whilst very professional at the same time. I had a very enjoyable experience. They answered all my questions and provided very valuable advice. The receptionist followed everything up and left no stone unturned. It was a very pleasant experience compared to the experiences I have had with other recruitment agencies in the area. I will be using Whitefox Recruitment for many years to come.
Parteek - Candidate

Gold Coast, Australia

Whitefox Recruitment are so great. Not only did they find me employment but there one on one service they provided, was so good. They took the time to find out about me and understand where I am in my life and helped me to find a position that would benefit myself and my future. Always kept in touch with updates and followed through till I obtained employment. I am so grateful to them. I would not have secured this position without them.
Sandy - Candidate

Surfers Paradise, Australia


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