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Hiring & Services

Tell us your goals and we’ll help you reach them.


Building the perfect team can be tricky, let us help.

At Whitefox, we do more than just recruitment, our expertise is in achieving you a premium result while delivering you with exceptional service.

When it comes to recruitment we know what gets results. We have a strategic approach to marketing combined with superb presentation, exceptional customer service and deep industry expertise. We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of the market and delivering an unmatched level of service.

We put your needs first and keep you involved every step of the way. We build and nurture our client relationships with an open honest approach and ongoing communication. We offer you honesty and transparency from start to finish.

Contract Recruitment

Our reputation for building a trusting relationship with our contractors means we attract quality talent across a wide range of industries. With our loyal base of contractors, our consultants are able to help you place highly-skilled workers into your next project efficiently and effectively. We take pride in the service we provide our contractors. They love working with us and you’ll experience the benefits too.

Talent Sourcing

We not only attract quality talent, but our consultants have exceptional research tools and business networks to source the perfect fit for your company. Our consultants have deep industry knowledge across many sectors and are experienced in reaching skilled talent locally and internationally. Let us fill the skills gap you're missing with an employee that is excited to join your company and will help your business grow.

Payroll Services

From timesheets to pay slips, the payment of salaries and superannuation, payroll is time consuming activity. Many businesses depend on us to process their payroll on time and accurately. We can offer you a cost saving service that keeps your company compliant with all the relevant legislations across Australia. Plus, we’ll take care of recording all your employees accrual and leave entitlements.

Permanent Recruitment

Here at Whitefox we understand finding key players for your business takes focus and time. Most businesses don’t have the resources to do a thorough search. Our skilled consultants can do all the groundwork for you. We have access to exceptional talent, are able to search wider markets and have in-depth knowledge of specialised industries. We’ll find you the perfect employee to come on board and make a difference to your business.


A fresh approach to recruitment. Delivering you exceptional results.

Finding the right person for your business can cost you time and money if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to look. Many businesses simply don’t have the resources available to dedicate to hiring staff.

With our years of experience, our skilled consultants can take the hard work of recruitment off your hands so you can focus on what you do best and make your business more profitable. We don’t believe in pushing job seekers into interviews that we know isn’t right for them.

We take time to develop relationships with our candidates so we can understand their goals and know that they’ll be the right candidate for your business.

We also know small and medium sized businesses can benefit greatly from our professional recruitment service. We offer a ‘recruit now, pay later’ option where your business can pay in instalments rather than one up-front fee.

We’re proudly the only agency across the Gold Coast area that offers this as an option to support businesses with their hiring needs. This easy and accessible payment option plan is open to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re recruiting for a top line executive, an experienced professional or a motivated entrant, we have the right candidate waiting for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation session with one of our experienced consultants.

We support businesses across multiple sectors including legal, business and administration support, construction, tourism, hospitality, IT and technology, the government sector and more.


Experience an efficient service that’s tailored to your needs.

We don’t just cast a broad net and hope for the best. From IT jargon to lawyer lingo, our consultants take the time to study your industry and its changing trends so we can fill your skills gaps effectively.

Our one-two punch approach means we attract quality talent and have leading companies depend on us for their hiring needs. Explore our specialisation service options below.


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