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The current state of recruitment amidst restrictions.

Increased restrictions are impacting recruitment conditions and candidate demand is stronger than ever, with three sectors attracting the greatest number of applications.

Aside from newly introduced mask regulations, Canberra has been minimally impacted by COVID-19, with no lockdowns as of late. These conditions should hopefully improve towards the end of the year when interstate travel is restored.

According to the latest ABS Labour Force report, ACT unemployment rates have risen slightly to 3.6 per cent in May from 3.4 per cent in April. A rise in employment was driven by an increase in part-time employment, but was offset by a fall in full-time employment.

While unemployment rates in the ACT remain lower than the national average, 3.6 percent compared to 5.1 per cent, candidate demand remains strong with more applicants seeking opportunities than there are positions available.

To understand these trends, we can examine the latest impacts of the pandemic and escalating border control measures in the ACT restricting Sydney-siders entering Canberra. This has resulted in employers being reluctant to hire amidst uncertainty.

Many employers have expressed concern and are reluctant to hire overseas students in Australia, as many are on bridging visas from visas that may have expired. Bridging visas, unfortunately, provide no certainty that subclass visas or permanent residency will be granted.

Applications soaring in administration, legal and retail

There is huge demand for positions in administration, legal and retail roles across the board in both the NSW & ACT markets.

Interestingly, many candidates are applying from Sydney. This is likely due to the uncertainty in Sydney surrounding COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, with candidates looking to relocate and obtain more stability.

We are growing to meet demand

In keeping up with these demands and increasing our capacity and capability to better serve clients and candidates, we have undergone an office expansion, which is nearly complete. A special thanks to Cityscape Interiors, O’Brien Electrical, Jason L Office Furniture, Inkline Signs and the Coceptive team for their efforts in making this transition a success.

Additionally, our new Office Manager Brooke is making great strides in working with clients and candidates to make them feel included, relaxed and supported. Her goal is to achieve positive results for people and be with them on their journey, from start to finish.

Would you like support finding your ideal team member or taking the next step in your career journey? Reach out to Coceptive Recruitment on (02) 6169 4490 or at

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