Suzanne Mussillon


Suzanne stands as an embodiment of vitality and efficiency within the recruitment industry, a true cornerstone of productivity and enthusiasm. As a founding member and the previous managing director at Whitefox Recruitment, she has been fundamentally crucial in enhancing the recruitment dynamics for an array of clients and candidates.

Her commendable three-year journey at Whitefox Recruitment is marked by exemplary dedication and professionalism. Transitioning into her current role as an Administration Assistant, Suzanne plays a vital role in the backbone operations of the company, ensuring seamless day-to-day functionality.

Renowned for her steadfast commitment and unparalleled work ethic, Suzanne has become emblematic of Whitefox Recruitment’s dedication to precision and excellence. She transcends the confines of conventional work hours, exemplifying a commitment to building profound and enduring relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

For Suzanne, the essence of Whitefox Recruitment extends beyond the professional realm; it is a community, a family woven together by shared goals and aspirations. Driven by the collective spirit and mutual respect within the team, she champions the core values of diligence, ambition, and compassion, her dynamic energy and infectious enthusiasm serving as the heartbeat of team collaboration.

In the nurturing environment of Whitefox Recruitment, Suzanne is a relentless pursuer of excellence, tirelessly seeking to redefine standards and surpass benchmarks in every endeavor she undertakes.

Beyond the confines of her professional life, Suzanne is a connoisseur of diverse interests that enrich her personal growth and fulfillment. An avid culinary enthusiast, she dives into the exploration of nutrition and culinary arts, drawing inspiration from a plethora of online recipes and immersing herself in the therapeutic joy of cooking and music.

Yoga serves as Suzanne’s sanctuary, a practice through which she attains mental serenity and physical balance. Her personal life is equally vibrant, marked by cherished moments with her partner and beloved dog Archie.

A testament to her lifelong pursuit of achievement and excellence is vividly illustrated in her early accolade as the Year 7 Dux of Kingsgrove High School in 1978, a precursor to her enduring commitment to excellence.

Suzanne’s extensive expertise, tireless dedication, and charismatic personality render her an invaluable asset to Whitefox Recruitment, where she embodies and instills the highest standards of excellence in the recruitment sector.

Her relentless drive, inspirational leadership, and profound dedication to fostering genuine relationships underscore her stature as a transformative figure within the industry. Whether she is revolutionising recruitment methodologies or sharing her journey toward wellness, Suzanne’s influential impact resonates, motivating and enlightening all who have the opportunity to collaborate with her.


Suzanne’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – The Recruitment Network