Oliver Greener


Oliver’s introduction to the Whitefox Recruitment team in 2024 marked a significant addition to our dynamic ensemble. Joining us from a background rich with multicultural influences, including roots that trace back to Japan, Oliver—or “Ollie,” as we affectionately call him in the office—brings a blend of Sydney sophistication and Gold Coast familiarity.

His early education at the Southport School grounded him in local traditions, yet his childhood on the Gold Coast imbued him with a deep appreciation for its vibrant community and lifestyle.

Ollie quickly distinguished himself as a meticulous and dedicated team player. His quick-learning ability and attention to detail are evident in every task he undertakes, ensuring that all team projects reach completion with precision and efficiency. His approachable and presentable demeanour, combined with his self-starter attitude, make him a natural fit for the bustling environment of recruitment.

A key highlight during Oliver’s early tenure at Whitefox Recruitment was his success in placing a candidate in their dream role within his first week of employment. This early achievement underscored his natural knack for understanding client and candidate needs, and it set a promising tone for his future contributions to the team.

In his role at Whitefox Recruitment, Ollie has become integral in understanding and mapping out what our candidates seek in their careers. He works closely with our consultants to bridge the gap between ambition and opportunity, crafting pathways that align perfectly with their aspirations.

His methodical approach and keen insight help tailor recruitment solutions that are not only effective but also deeply considerate of individual career goals.

Outside the office, Ollie’s passions are as diverse and dynamic as his professional pursuits. An avid enthusiast of motorsport and cars, he combines his love for speed and precision with a variety of outdoor activities. Whether he’s snowboarding down steep slopes, scuba diving in the deep blue, fishing in serene waters, keeping fit, or exploring new destinations, Oliver fully embraces each experience. His culinary adventures further reflect his appreciation for global cultures, a testament to his diverse background and travels.

Residing in the heart of Southport on the Gold Coast, Oliver embodies the spirit of the local community while bringing a unique international perspective to our team. His commitment to excellence, team spirit, and the ability to understand and act on the desires of our candidates make him a cherished member of Whitefox Recruitment.

Oliver’s journey with us is not just about professional achievements but also about fostering a supportive and inspiring environment where personal and professional growth go hand in hand.


Oliver’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – Southport Chamber of Commerce
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – The Recruitment Network