Luke Hemmings (MAHRI, JP NSW)


Luke Hemmings is not just any leader; he’s a dynamo in motion, driven by an unwavering commitment and a ceaseless quest for excellence. Since co-founding Whitefox Recruitment with his respected mother, Suzanne, in 2019, Luke has transformed the business, boldly rewrote the standard narrative of recruitment agencies and placed Whitefox amongst Canberra’s elite.

In July 2023, this forward-thinking Managing Director discerned a golden opportunity in the South East Queensland market. Without hesitation, he dove in, signalling a vibrant new era for Whitefox Recruitment. The company has since surged forward, unstoppable in its momentum.

Across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Luke Hemmings stands out as an eminent recruitment consultant with a success story like no other. His keen marketing insight, relentless determination, and flawless professionalism have forged his renowned reputation, elevating him to an iconic status in the Queensland recruitment arena.

Whitefox Recruitment, under Luke’s guidance, has garnered numerous accolades, affirming its trailblazing role in the industry. Although Luke is a lauded, award-winning consultant, his primary dedication is to the growth of his team. He instils in them an indomitable belief that no dream is too big, amplifying their chances of success.

His visionary leadership has vaulted Whitefox Recruitment to unparalleled heights, transcending industry norms and reshaping what’s possible. Possessing an astute ability to identify growth avenues, Luke is forever charting new courses for the company.

Passionately committed to his team’s success, Luke is unwavering in his mission to nurture, challenge, and uplift every individual, driving them towards their peak potential. He considers their achievements vital to the firm’s collective triumph. Moreover, Luke is an ardent champion for growth and empowerment, rivalled only by his deep-seated commitment to community involvement. He staunchly believes in giving back, actively partaking in charitable acts and community initiatives.

Even amidst the rigors of business expansion, Luke stays anchored to the communities dear to his heart. More than a leader, he’s a cherished pillar in the community fabric across the coast. His inherent kindness and unmatched generosity serve as the foundation of Whitefox, with philanthropy at its core.

Whitefox Recruitment’s essence – its family-centric and community-driven ethos – is upheld by Luke’s unwavering integrity and genuine nature. He sets a gold standard, motivating his team to internalise and exemplify these values, consistently pushing boundaries.

Luke’s roots trace back to the Southern Highlands and South Coast of NSW. During his youth, he cultivated a profound appreciation for community ties. His diverse career journey, spanning from Canberra to Broome and various regions in between, has shaped Luke into the adept leader he is, able to resonate with a myriad of people.

Central to Luke’s success strategy is resilience. He champions tenacity as the ultimate tool to realise dreams. Energised by collaborating with his formidable Whitefox team, together they forge opportunities, cultivate connections, and leave a positive imprint on individuals and the broader community.

Indeed, Luke Hemmings isn’t just a visionary leader. He’s the heartbeat of Whitefox Recruitment. Through his unwavering commitment, fervent passion, and relentless excellence pursuit, Luke is reshaping the recruitment landscape, leaving a legacy and lighting the way for others.

Specialising in Construction, Legal, and Hospitality Recruitment, Luke’s expertise spans the entire recruitment domain. With a vast network at his disposal, he boasts an unmatched contact list.

Luke’s day kicks off at an astonishing 3:30am, and by 4am, he’s in the gym or pool, training. When not working, he enjoys quality time with friends.


Luke’s Admissions:

  • Justice of The Peace – NSW Government
  • MAHRI Member – Australian HR Institute
  • Associate Member – The Law Society of New South Wales

Luke’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – NSW Liberal Party
  • Member – Australian & NZ Mental Health Association
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – The Recruitment Network

Luke’s Achievements:

  • Finalist (Small Business Champion Entrepreneur 2022) – Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • Finalist (Business Leader of The Year 2021) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Finalist (Business Person of The Year 2021) – ACT Business Awards
  • Finalist (Industry Rising Star 2021) – RCSA Australia
  • Finalist (Business Person of The Year 2020) – ACT Business Awards
  • Finalist (Rising Star of The Year 2020) – Australian HR Awards
  • Finalist (Business Leader of The Year 2020) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Finalist (Recruitment Rising Star 2020) – Tiara Recruitment Awards
  • Nominee (Young Business Leader of The Year 2019) – My Business Awards
  • Nominee (Australian of The Year 2016/17) – Australia Day Council