Danielle Garland


Danielle’s foray into the recruitment sector commenced in 2021 at Whitefox Recruitment, where she initially took on the role of a Receptionist. Her vibrant and affirmative attributes were immediately noticeable, setting the stage for her rapid career progression. She swiftly transitioned to become the Executive Assistant to Luke Hemmings, who is renowned as a top-tier recruitment consultant in the Asia-Pacific region. In this capacity, Danielle played an indispensable role in catalysing Luke’s professional milestones and success stories.

Her professional journey at Whitefox Recruitment has been nothing short of extraordinary, as she navigated through an extensive range of roles within the agency. Her career path has seen her evolve from her initial position as a Receptionist to becoming an Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, and eventually ascending to the role of a Director. In her current capacity as Operations Manager, Danielle has found a role that perfectly resonates with her innate strengths and fervent passion for the recruitment industry.

Danielle’s steadfast commitment to Whitefox Recruitment and her close professional alliance with Luke Hemmings was particularly highlighted in 2023 when she made a significant personal and professional decision to follow the relocation of the firm to Queensland. This move underscored her unwavering loyalty and dedication, allowing her to continue her professional journey and growth in the vibrant and sunny environs of the Sunshine State.

Throughout her tenure with Whitefox Recruitment, Danielle has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset, right from the formative days of the agency. Her ability to adeptly understand and navigate the intricate workings of each department has not only deepened her empathy but has also refined her problem-solving skills and her adaptability to diverse roles within the recruitment sector. Her empathetic nature, combined with her proficiency in supporting others and her unwavering commitment to her responsibilities, stands unparalleled. Danielle possesses a unique ability to deeply comprehend the individual goals and needs of people, fostering relationships that bear a close resemblance to deep-seated familial ties.

In her role as Operations Manager, Danielle channels her intense enthusiasm for customer service, an area she holds in high regard. She is deeply passionate about forming connections with individuals from various walks of life, keenly learning their stories, and supporting them in achieving their career objectives. Her responsibilities encompass managing the daily operational activities from a back-office perspective, handling communications on behalf of Luke Hemmings, and ensuring that both clients and candidates receive exemplary service.

Danielle’s enthusiasm and dedication are particularly palpable in the recruitment process, where she derives immense satisfaction from matching candidates with their ideal employment opportunities and assisting companies in finding the perfect additions to their teams. She gauges her success by the positive impact and joy she brings into the lives of others, which she considers to be the true measure of her accomplishments.

One of the aspects Danielle values most about her time at Whitefox Recruitment is the profound sense of family and the strong camaraderie among the team members. This harmonious environment fosters mutual care, knowledge sharing, and a concentrated focus on personal and professional development. Danielle plays a pivotal role in elevating her colleagues, contributing significantly to their optimal performance. Her infectious smile and unyielding optimism play a vital role in enhancing the morale and the overall atmosphere within the firm.

Beyond her professional commitments, Danielle is a devoted mother to her two daughters, residing in the picturesque locale of the Gold Coast. Here, she enjoys exploring the region’s myriad hidden treasures and its stunning natural beauty. Huskisson, situated on the South Coast of New South Wales, holds a special place in her heart as her favourite retreat, offering tranquillity and an opportunity for rejuvenation.

Danielle’s journey with Whitefox Recruitment is characterised by her perpetual optimism, robust determination, and her innate ability to forge meaningful connections. Her extensive expertise, gained through her experiences in various roles, has solidified her status as a pivotal figure within the agency. Her passion for aiding individuals in achieving their career aspirations, coupled with her role in facilitating the seamless integration of candidates with companies, underscores her deep-seated commitment to the recruitment industry. Her radiant smile and steadfast support not only uplift the Whitefox Recruitment team but also create an environment conducive to fostering both personal and professional growth.


Danielle’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – Southport Chamber of Commerce
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – The Recruitment Network