Danielle Garland


Danielle, with her inherently vivacious and upbeat demeanour, boasts an unparalleled fusion of skills, driving her success as an Associate Director. Her unyielding desire for personal excellence brought her to the prestigious team at Whitefox Recruitment from its inception, capturing the company’s respect and admiration in the process. Motivated by a commitment to excellence and a thriving culture, she sought out an organisation that resonated with her ambitions and tenacity.

As an integral part of Whitefox Recruitment since its early days, Danielle has been indispensable. She’s scaled every rung of the corporate hierarchy, acquainting herself with every department’s intricacy. This expansive journey enriched her natural empathy, sharpened her problem-solving prowess, and boosted her agility in adapting to diverse roles.

Danielle’s unmatched empathy, proficiency in aiding others, and relentless dedication to her tasks shine brightly. Her keen ability to comprehend the distinct aspirations and needs of individuals is reminiscent of deep familial connections.

At Whitefox Recruitment, Danielle finds an avenue to channel her passion for customer service, which she genuinely cherishes. She thrives on forging connections with people from varied backgrounds, discovering their stories, and championing their objectives. Presently, she helms the task of supervising the agency’s staff, answering calls and emails, and ensuring the office radiates a welcoming vibe.

Fuelled by her enthusiasm, Danielle takes immense pleasure in the recruitment process. Seeing candidates’ pair seamlessly with their dream jobs, or businesses with their ideal members, brings her unparalleled joy. She counts her victories in the smiles she carries home, knowing she’s made a tangible difference.

What Danielle values most at Whitefox Recruitment is the familial bond and the unwavering camaraderie. The team’s synergy ensures that everyone is cared for, wisdom is shared, and personal growth is prioritised. She consistently uplifts her peers, ensuring they operate at peak performance. Moreover, her radiant smile and optimism invigorate the firm’s spirit.

Outside her professional realm, Danielle is a devoted mother to her daughters, Milani and Alena. Residing in the North Gold Coast region, she revels in discovering its myriad hidden treasures and beautiful landscapes. Huskisson, located on the South Coast of NSW, remains her cherished retreat for peace and renewal.

Danielle’s tenure at Whitefox Recruitment is characterised by her perpetual optimism, sheer determination, and an intuitive knack for forming connections. Her multifarious expertise, cultivated through varied roles, solidifies her as a cornerstone of the agency. Her zeal for aiding individuals in realising their dreams and observing the harmonious merge of candidates with businesses drives her devotion to recruitment. Her beaming smile and steadfast backing uplift the Whitefox Recruitment team, cultivating an environment ripe for both personal and professional evolution.


Danielle’s Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Member – South Port Chamber of Commerce
  • Member – Business Australia
  • Member – The Recruitment Network