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HR and recruitment activity & easing restrictions in ACT

ACT Lockdown

After seven weeks of lockdown in the ACT – our longest since the pandemic began – life is looking like it will slowly return to normal for us in Canberra.

This week, the government released a detailed roadmap to ease business restrictions and lockdown is scheduled to lift from 15th October – depending on the situation and capacity of our health system.

We’re looking forward to returning to normal office trading hours from 18th October, and will introduce safety measures in line with government advice.

Earlier this week, NSW also revealed its roadmap out of lockdown. The first stage of the three-phase plan to ease restrictions will commence on 11th October, after NSW is projected to reach 70% vaccination coverage. The government projects NSW will reach 80% coverage a few weeks later and ease restrictions. Positive news for NSW businesses and candidates.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr hasn’t commented about whether Sydney and Melbourne will be able to re-enter the territory. But this week, he stated: “By 29th October, our surrounding region are likely to achieve the 80% vaccination threshold, and the nation will likely reach 80% soon after. This may enable further easing, if the public health situation allows”.

Mr Barr also advised travel restrictions will ease, subject to the decisions of the Commonwealth. This likely won’t happen until November or December. So, we hope this is when our borders will reopen to our interstate counterparts.

COVID-19 Disaster Payments

Financial support for people who have lost work due to COVID-19 will be wound back, with the federal government looking to discourage states from imposing lockdowns once vaccination rates hit their targets.

Once a jurisdiction reaches an 80% vaccination rate, payments will drop to a flat rate of $450 for anyone who has lost more than eight hours of work a week. More than 62% of ACT residents are fully vaccinated, as are more than 61% of eligible NSW residents.

Density limits for businesses and caps on gatherings will continue until at least late November in the ACT – which means some people in our community may still be impacted by reduced hours, without support from Disaster Payments between October and November. Mr Barr is seeking an urgent update on the future of the payments.

If your work is being impacted and you’re seeking a new temporary or permanent position, get in touch with the Coceptive team.

Recruitment Activity

Since the lockdown, there has been a sharp decline in client and candidate enquiry across the board, compared to June. This is likely due to less job security in the private sector from ongoing restrictions. On the other hand, interest in government roles has been strong.

The good news: following Mr Barr’s announcement on Tuesday, recruitment activity has been increasing. So, let us know if you’re looking for support in filling a vacancy or exploring a new career opportunity.

Interstate Expansion

Following more than two years of success in the Canberra Market, we’ve made the strategic decision to strengthen our foothold in the Southern Highlands recruitment market next year.

While this isn’t new for our existing reach, this natural expansion will allow us to provide more business and individuals with fresh, innovative HR and recruitment support.

Our Team is Here to Support You

Since our inception in 2019, we’re proud to be one of the fastest growing HR & recruitment firms in the ACT. We’re always looking for new ways to create the best client and candidate experience, across all industries, bringing a dynamic and innovative approach to HR and recruitment.

To help you achieve more, one of primary focuses is developing people. We provide our team with a supportive culture, structured training and great career opportunities. All our staff are treated like family and share our core values: giving back and focusing on the community.

Having recruited the best in the business, we have a positive outlook for growing our team further in the Southern Highlands, showcasing our values locally and continuing to support local businesses in Canberra.

We wish businesses and individuals all the best as restrictions ease, and look forward to returning to normal office trading hours from 18th October.

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