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Danielle Garland appointed as Whitefox Director

On behalf of everyone at Whitefox Recruitment, We are delighted to announce that Danielle Garland has been appointed as our new Director & Licensee in Charge working alongside our Managing Director Luke Hemmings to lead and direct our agency into the future.

This is a truly exciting time for the agency, and we are thrilled to have Danielle back on deck with us and leading us into the future.

Here at Whitefox Recruitment, We’ve always been of the view that it doesn’t matter your background or circumstances—it’s what you bring to the table that matters most. And if you work hard and make choices you can be anything you want in life! That’s why we feel those values reflect with Danielle so well: she embodies our core values and has always worked hard for what she wants in life whilst proving her abilities—and now she has the top job!

From day dot, equality of opportunity is what drew Danielle to our agency. We’re so thrilled to have a multifaceted operator at the helm.

Danielle, delivers. She focuses on getting things done, what you see in public is who she is in private. Everyone who enters this game wants to leave the place better than what it was when they first arrived. We have full confidence that Danielle will not only do that well, but rather exceptionally.

We’ve already delivered so much to the Canberra market but some of the really big projects are in the balance right now. There is no doubt we’re a fork in the road. Whitefox Recruitment is on an incredible journey to lead the way in providing quality recruitment services to Canberra and Queanbeyan to the likes of which we have never seen.

That doesn’t happen by accident, it takes focus and discipline and we know Danielle wants to ensure that the agency has the opportunity to do that into the future because we are on the cusp of something special and both Danielle and Luke want Whitefox Recruitment to be a place of optimism, opportunity and providing the absolute best culture to the entire team.

We are optimistic about the future of this agency, we have a strong united team and we’re delivering real results. We believe in our people and we love the strong sense of family we have built. We’ve come a long way and there’s still more to do.

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Luke Hemmings