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Coceptive finalists for Best Recruitment Agency in Australia

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards, the most prestigious and competitive small business awards program in Australia, celebrates people and businesses in our country defined by hard work, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, we received the exciting news Coceptive has been named a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards for the second year in a row. What an achievement!

It’s been a challenging year for many Australian businesses. Together, we’ve faced tough market conditions and been forced to strengthen our risk management and strategic planning skills.

Despite our business facing a number of challenges and setbacks, as a team, we’ve remained true to our vision, mission and purpose. Perhaps this was the strongest contributing factor to our agency earning a place as a finalist.

At Coceptive, our goal is to redefine recruitment. As a small, local recruitment agency, we care about the people in our community and Canberra businesses and strive to create a positive experience for people in all of our interactions. Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with all of our clients, candidates, suppliers and contacts.

Additionally, we also invest in our team members, encouraging them to learn, grow and pursue professional development. This allows us to continue contributing to the community and building business success for the future.

As an organisation that cares about people, we’d like to take this opportunity recognise the dedication and passion of all our incredible team members. Thank you for your hard work that make delivering our services possible. We also extend special recognition to our clients, candidates and other business partners for your belief in our purpose, and the opportunity to work with and support you.

Finally, small businesses are crucial to Australia’s economic success. According to Australian Small Business Champion Awards, there are more than 3.4 million small businesses in Australia, adding $413 billion dollars to our national economy. Small businesses represent 99 per cent of all businesses and employ approximately 6 million people, which constitutes about 49 per cent of Australia’s business employment. The diversity and innovation throughout this sector are worth recognising and celebrating.

We are honoured to have been named a finalist in our nation’s most respected initiative to recognise small business achievements. Congratulations to all Australian Small Business Champion Awards finalists.

Our team is looking forward to travelling to Sydney for the awards night on 2nd September 2022.

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