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Change is here! Coceptive rebrands to Whitefox Recruitment

Coceptive Group has been a mainstay in the recruitment industry for more than 2 years. With its comprehensive service offering and award-winning approach, it has grown to become one of Canberra’s leading recruitment agencies.

Now, as it continues to reimagine exceptional customer service, founder and Managing Director Luke Hemmings, explains why the time has come for a rebrand.

‘When Coceptive Group launched as a full-service recruitment agency in 2019, we did so with a burning desire to set new service standards by offering a greater range of solutions than the traditional, and we’ve certainly achieved that. Now is the right time to capitalise on new opportunities. In alignment with our continuing evolution, we’re rebranding as “Whitefox Recruitment”’ Hemmings says.

The name Whitefox is derived from the Greek word skotos meaning dark or obscure; it refers to both the colour of the fox but also its stealthy nature – two qualities that are important in recruitment.The upcoming brand refresh includes additional emphasis on its familiar ‘Redefining Recruitment’ tag line. ‘It’s a slogan that has served us well,’ says Luke. ‘Our unrelenting commitment to innovation and challenging the status quo has shown we’ve always been about more than just recruitment. For instance, our recruit now – pay later service, and our in-house marketing team are all great examples of how we consistently set the pace.’

Whitefox Recruitment Managing Director Luke Hemmings said: “We’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes over the past few months to develop our new brand identity, which we believe is an exciting evolution of our existing personality. A key element of the new-brand Whitefox Recruitment will be a targeted refocus on capitalising on the commercial opportunities and living by the mantra of ‘Locals at heart, experts at recruitment’. We’re not some out of area franchise that brought into the local area. We’re home grown and proud of it.”

‘We value the heritage of our brand,’ explains Luke, ‘The reputation in the marketplace absolutely speaks for itself. Our relaunch is a big signal to the market that we are as committed to our original ideals as ever and signifies our confidence in all that we do. Essentially, we’re keeping what’s worked for us and taking it up another level. There’s no doubt that this next stage of the firm’s evolution is going to be tremendously exciting and will benefit our clients, candidates and suppliers even more.’


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Luke Hemmings