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Brand new HR services to help you achieve your business growth goals

Do you need a more holistic approach to employment services? To help you focus on more of what matters in your business, Coceptive now offers brand new HR services.

Retaining an in-house HR team can be a big investment. As an organisational leader, you may be tempted to handle HR matters yourself to save valuable resources. But the responsibility of hiring the right people, optimising your existing team and ensuring compliance can detract from your ability to achieve your business goals.

This is where outsourced HR solutions can be a true advantage and make a real impact on your bottom line.

Coceptive now offers more than recruitment.

To give you more flexibility and a dedicated HR resource, tailored to your business needs, Coceptive provides the following services:

  • outsourced and virtual HR
  • HR strategy and advisory
  • employment law services.

Here’s how these new services can help you achieve your growth goals.

Long-term strategic support: Outsourced & virtual HR

Could your business benefit from on-call advice and HR strategy, without the costs, stress and hassle of a full-time HR department?

Outsourced and virtual HR is ideal for organisations seeking a complete HR solution. This tailored service delivers a strong balance of administrative, operational, and strategic support.

Tap into this service to receive ongoing support with talent acquisition, onboarding, people management, policy reviews, grievance management, regulation compliance and more. We’ll help you design an ongoing support plan with as much, or as little support as your business requires.

As needed HR Strategy & Advisory

What challenges are most urgent and important to your organisation right now?

While ongoing HR services can be a great option to support your business, tapping into HR consultancy on an ad hoc basis can you provide you with additional flexibility.

Coceptive designs scalable, cost-effective strategies to support you with a range of important HR projects, including:

  • employee evaluations
  • employee engagement, workplace culture and development plans
  • workforce planning
  • compliance
  • HR budgeting.

This solution is a great way to develop, implement and optimise your HR strategy with actionable, commercially-focused guidance.

Reduce risk with employment law services

As a business leader, failing to meet complex, ever-changing employment regulations can expose your organisation to a litany of legal, reputational and financial risk. A trusted partner can protect you in key areas of employment law.

Coceptive works with national workplace relations systems and employment lawyers, who are experienced in every facet of employment law.

Obtain practical advice to navigate the complexities of employment law, workplace relations and obligations.  Our team of employment lawyers reduce stress and pressure on your business by handling your matters with discretion, diplomacy, and determination.

Every organisation is unique; we take the time to listen, understand your long-term objectives, and create a tailored solution you can depend on.

How much time, focus and energy can we help your business win back?

Empower your business to achieve more through long-term HR support, as-needed HR advisory, and employment law services. Start a conversation with Coceptive by calling us on (02) 6169 4490 or emailing at

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